Junk Beds That WOW


As if making Junk Chairs wasn’t enough of a unique idea, some really creative geniuses out there are reclaiming their love for junk and making some extremely eclectic combinations of old beds. Some use old beds to create new items like tables,while others use old pieces of junk to make new beds. No matter how … [Read more…]

Junky Chairs

junk suitcase

One thing about recollecting Junk from someone and then using it for something else that amazes me is when it can be done in such a way that the “junk” is made new or better again. Just like those Tire Chandeliers in my last post, these next items I’m going to share with you are … [Read more…]

Why Making Things out of Junk is Cool.


If you haven’t already checked it out, you should.  The last post I did about Junk Houses was really awesome. Did you know these types of houses are commonly known as EarthShips? The typical components of Earth Ships is all about being greener and using recycled stuff where you can. Some are even buried halfway … [Read more…]

Exceptionally Cool Junk Houses

tire house

Some of you out there may be thinking that Junk is just for the trash pile or the burn barrel and you are somewhat right…..IF you have no clue about some super cool houses out there made entirely from junk. Junk, in all its glory, can help insulate our homes and build them if the … [Read more…]